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These are the desserts we had in Neiman Marcus Last year. You can now purchase them directly from us!
Neiman Marcus Key Lime...this one is not gluten free.
Gluten Free Gusto de Limone (Meyers Lemon)
How about a Banana Split Sundae?
Raspberry, Key Lime, Blood Orange and Mango make this truly a Northern Lights Delight...Gluten Free
Chocolate, Caramel, Roasted Pecans...does it get much better? Gluten Free
Our newest caramel apple cake and gluten free too

Welcome to alaska silk pie co.

Alaska Silk Pie Company is your Specialty and "Gluten Free" dessert solution. By focusing on specific local ingredients and market knowledge, we can produce for you our valued customers the best and most uniquely consistent desserts available while garnering a better knowledge of "Your" specific needs. Our pastry chefs are talented experts who create incredible Specialty and Gluten Free Desserts that will not only please the health concerns of Celiac's, those of you who are Gluten Intolerant, but also those who choose to be "Gluten Free".  It will also please the most discriminating of palates who demand perfection and quality for their dessert choices. 

We have worked long and hard to bring you "Our Valued Customers"  not only the BEST DESSERTS possible using local ingredients and local vendors.  You can be sure that our desserts do not contain TRANS FATS or any artificial ingredients.  We pride ourselves in the natural wholesome ingredients we source on a regular basis!

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Our 6 layer carrot cake is filled and frosted with our signature passion fruit white chocolate frostind

Our New Gluten Free Devils Orange is 3 layers of our devils food cake filled with our Blood Orange white chocolate frosting with a candied orange and zest on top.

Caramel Walnut

Pictured above is our Caramel Walnut Truffle Cake, the middle is our Over the Moon and Pumpkin Tower. The last one in this row is our Special Order Holiday Bites. 

Limoncellos Cheesecake

Above is just an array of Neiman Marcus desserts now available "EXCLUSIVELY" from Alaska Silk Pie Co.

This is the Neiman Marcus Caramel Bourbon Pecan and it's Gluten Free Shipped EXCLUSIVELY from Alaska Silk Pie Co. 

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