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Alaska Silk Pie Company is your specialty and gluten-free dessert solution. By focusing on specific local ingredients and market knowledge, we can produce for you our valued customers the best and most uniquely consistent desserts available while garnering a better knowledge of your specific needs. Our pastry chefs are talented experts who create incredible specialty and gluten-free desserts that will not only please the health concerns of Celiac's, those of you who are gluten intolerant, but also those who choose to be gluten-free. It will also please the most discriminating of palates who demand perfection and quality for their dessert choices.

We have worked long and hard to bring you, Our Valued Customers, the BEST DESSERTS possible using local ingredients and local vendors. You can be sure that our desserts do not contain trans fats or any artificial ingredients. We take great pride in the use of natural wholesome ingredients we source on a regular basis!

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Caramel BourbonFormerly a Neiman Marcus exclusive the Caramel Bourbon Pecan Silk is now available for all customers! It has a white chocolate caramel mousse that is criss-crossed with our house made caramel. Click image to order!

Double Fudge Brownie SundaeOur gluten-free Double Fudge Brownie Sundae has chocolate fudge truffle brownie on the sides and bottom and the inside is filled with our best-selling Hot Fudge Sundae Towers! Topped with house made ganache this is one you don't want to miss!

Strawberry FieldsAbove is our gluten-free Strawberry Fields. Spring is just around the corner and so is strawberry season. Strawberries and vanilla cream.

Easter Lizzy LemonPictured above is our 6 layer Easter Lizzy Lemon Cake. Below that is our special-order spring fruit cake. This dessert is a Special Order.

Razzle DazzleAbove is our Neiman Marcus Razzle Dazzle Cheesecake packed with blood orange and raspberry white chocolate! It is built on a gluten-free truffle cake base with raspberry puree swirled throughout. 

Neiman Marcus TurtleThis is the Neiman Marcus Turtle Silk. It is gluten-free and shipped exclusively from Alaska Silk Pie Co. Who doesn't love chocolate, caramel and roasted pecans?

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