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Chocolate anyone...Made with Guittards best 100%, Oban Wafers.
Some of our many molds that make production so much easier and create's a perfect dessert just for you.
Let's spring into action!
How about our Truffle Cake baked in the microwave right in the jar.
The 1st procedure of our "No Bake" White Chocolate Creme Brulee
All of our ingredients have been incorporated and now its time to put it together!
Let's pour it into our beautiful chocolate tulip cup. An hour or so in the chiller and its ready to serve.
Our "NO" bake creme brulee is ready for the sugar and decoration.
Here's a classic dessert made with our ganache, ChocoScura, ChocoBlanka, and ChocoBlanka Vanilla Mousse!
Our crazy banana waffle is accompanied by our ChocoBlanka and ChocoScura.
Using our ChocoBlanka we're getting ready to make the Vanilla Mousse for the Banan's Foster!
We are now adding the cream and vanilla to create the ChocoBlanka Silk Mousse
Our ChocoBlanka Seattle Silk Mousse has been whipped and is ready to use.
All 3 of the ingrdients have been added and whipped. This will taste like Fabulous French Vanilla ice cream.
It's time to put together the Banana's Foster. We use organic banana's.
Into the Meyers Rum brown sugar mixture for the infusion of the Rum sauce into the banana's.
The banana's and rum sauce are now topping the Vanilla Silk Mousse.
A ChocoBlanka banana silk topping is the next layer for this TASTY DESSERT!!
A topping of our house made Yukon Jackson Artisan Caramel is the finishing touch.
All the same ingredients go into this individual dessert which is sold to grocery stores throughout the PNW.
Here we are making our ChocoBlanka Creme' Brulee Cheesecake towers.
Here they are dressed and ready for you to enjoy...Bon Appetit!

A Unique Chocolate-base
Ready-to-Use Foundation for 
Creating Quick and Easy
Limited "ONLY" by "YOUR"

Use as a building block to produce
delicious fillings, mousses, 
frostings, glazes and sauces. 
This "Clean All Natural" pastry
base is adaptable and simple 
to use.  This is a pastry base
even your prep could learn to use!

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What is Seattle Silk®?

Seattle Silk is a ready-to-use dessert base developed as a foundation for creating a wide range of simple yet elegant desserts

A cross between a rich fudge and a light mousse, Seattle Silk has a satiny-smooth creamy texture, never heavy or cloyingly sweet

Fully Versatile and Adaptable
A fundamental ingredient for making fillings and mousses – use as a blank canvas to invent hundreds of signature desserts

So Easy to Use, you don’t need to be a trained pastry chef. A convenient and COST-EFFECTIVE way to help your busy kitchen or bakery save time and labor

√ Made with the Highest Quality ‘Clean’ Ingredients and Is Naturally Gluten-free

 Seattle Silk is chocolate-based and formulated without stabilizers, gelatins, fillers, artificial colors or flavorings

 Made only with pure chocolate, pasteurized eggs, unsalted butter, and heavy cream to achieve a consistent rich flavor and creamy texture

  • Easy, Ready-to-Use
  • Not a Powder or Mix 
  • Versatile, great for fillings, mousses, and glazes
  • Profitable, -Saves Time and Labor
  • Cost-effective, no Waste
  • Convenient Frozen Product stores easily
  • After THAWING, 7 to 10 day shelf life in refrigerator
  • Anyone can master—from novice prep person to pastry chef

Available in 2 Ready-to-use Compounds

White Chocolate Silk

Dark Chocolate Silk

Both compounds can be used straight from the container or expandable with other components or flavors to create hundreds of variations

By using our recommended ratios and recipes you can create fillings and mousses that can be layered in cakes or piped into ready-made tart shells and pastry cups

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