Can you believe I'm a gluten free devils food cake...I'm not only Develish but also DELISH!
The raspberries are pushed into the cake before the Chocolate Raspberry Silk is placed on the Paradiso
Now it's time for the chocolate raspberry silk then a topping of house made ganache
Here we are making the vanilla silk mousse that will go on the "Hot Fudge Sundae Silk"
Here's just one size of our Hot Fudge Sundae's Peterson Item #04001
Here we are working dilligently to make each one of your desserts "BEAUTIFUL"!
October is Apple month and this one couldn't be a better choice for Fall!
Pumpkin...our version of a pumpkin pie only so very much better...oh Yes!!!
Just some of the mini bites that we have made over the years.
How about a "Caramel Apple" mini bite
Here are 3 of our 6 "HOLIDAY" mini bites available through Peterson's...Item #MB1002-H
Calling all you lovers of "Eggnog" with a hint of Meyers Dark Rum...Oh Yes!
The Holiday's are just around the corner and what better to serve your guests, white chocolate mousse with "Natural" peppermint pieces throughout to give it that crunch!

Dear Valued Customers;

Here you will find descriptions and pictures of our various dessert offerings.  We are a Gourmet Specialty Dessert Company with a product line for several segments of the industry; specialty gourmet stores, catering, food service, and grocery. We pride ourselves in the quality of not only our product, our talented staff and also the quality of our local vendors and distributors.  We are "100% American Made" using ingredients that do not contain TRANS FATS, GMO's or anything ARTIFICIAL!   You will see that our desserts are all hand made and uniquely designed.  As you  view our valued vendors list you will see we only use Local and  US vendors in the manufacturing of our Artisan desserts.

The Peterson Co. in  Auburn, WA. is our "Exclusive" PNW distributor.  Their territory includes all of WA., OR., Northern ID., and Western MT.  As you peruse their catalog and our desserts it will become evident why we chose the Peterson Co. as our "Exclusive" distributor.   SALES at Peterson'sMexican Hot Chocolate

We look forward to being of service to each of you who may want to set yourselves apart from the broad line manufacturers and their mass produced products.  As you peruse our catalogs we hope you agree that we have created some of the most unique "Gluten Free" desserts available. These deserts will also please every inch of your palate too.  You and your customers will also enjoy the experience and pleasure of a truely unique, quality driven product.

When You think QUALITY and SERVICE there is only one distributor that comes to mind for us; the Peterson Co.  After you peruse the Peterson Site and those of you who already do business with Peterson's;  know why we have chosen them as our EXCLUSIVE distributor for the PNW. 

We hope to align ourselves with others just like them who share a philosophy of personalized service, extreme attention to detail, and development of personal relationships with YOU the valued customer. 

There is but one BOSS and that is "YOU" our customer; YOU can fire each and everyone of us from the CEO down....JUST by taking your business elsewhere...we Appreciate YOU!

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