I'm just a mini bite...go ahead, and it's blueberries
Can you believe I'm a gluten free devils food cake...I'm DELISH!
Chocolate Chocolate and more Chocolate
Chocolate silk in a bowl and here they are Pyramids...YUM
Phyllis with the Deen Brothers when we were on the Food Network
White chocolate vanilla mousse anyone?
Our raspberry chocolate silk on our Paradiso
Who wants to lick the beaters?
OK, I'm just a little mini bite of apples, caramel and white chocolate cheesecake
Our Rolls Royce of Silk...she was on the Food Network!

       Fan Favorites
Neiman Marcus Exclusive Tiramisu SilkAlaska Silk Pie Compnay's Desserts have been gracing America's palates, tables and gift boxes for the past 32 years. We have been featured in the Neiman Marcus catalogs for the past 30 years and again this Holiday 2017 Season! Above is our Neiman Marcus Exclusive Tiramisu sold "ONLY" at Neimanmarcus.com

Montejo's Revenge...Mexican Hot Chocolate!

Above here is one of Alaska Silk Pie Company's individual desserts that you can order from our distributor the Peterson Co. It's Montejo's Revnege and our version of a Mexican Hot Chocolate. 

     Welcome to Alaska Silk Pie Company™

                            Alaska Silk Pie Company is your Specialty and "Gluten Free" dessert solution. By focusing on specific local ingredients and market knowledge, we can produce for you our valued customers the best and most uniquely consistent desserts available while garnering a better knowledge of your specific needs. Our pastry chefs are talented experts who create incredible Specialty and gluten free dessert that will not only please the health concerns of Celiacs, those of you who are gluten intolerant but also those who choose to be "Gluten Free".  It was also please the most discriminating palate who demands perfection and quality for their dessert choices. 

We have worked long and hard to bring you the BEST DESSERTS possible using local ingredients and local vendors.  You can be sure that our desserts do not contain TRANS FATS or any artificial ingredients.  We pride ourselves in the natural wholesome ingredients we source!


Guarantee of Satisfaction & Return Policy

If you are not pleased
 with your order, please let us know, as we can not fix a problem we know nothing about.  We also enjoy compliments!
 Phone Call us!

206.381.8494  Office
9 AM - 4 PM...PST

You can search for an answer to your questions here or email us. We'll be back with you as quickly as possible. There are certain times of the year when it make take us a bit longer to get back to you and for that we appologize in advance.
When You Can Find Us at the Bakery
Mon. thru Fri. 9 AM - 4:00 PM
Closed Sat., Sun., and "ALL MAJOR HOLIDAYS"

        What's New?
Gluten Free Moulten Flourless Cake Ala ModePictured here is our new "Gluten Free" Moulten cake topped with our white chocolate vanilla silk mousse. Special Order this one from the bakery for that special event

My Personal Favorite Wedding CakeWeddings, Anniversary parties, Birthdays, Dinner parties, Holidays or just Chocolate Fever, any time is the right time for Alaska Silk Pie. 

We have the perfect dessert to grace your party table, send one via Fed Ex to that family member who's too far away to celebrate with you, or as a great hostess gift. How about all those CORPORATE GIFTS you'll need to send in just a few short months. The opportunities are endless.

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