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The Rolls Royce of Alaska Silk Pie Co....7 layers of pure HEAVEN...this is Truly an ADULT DESSERT!

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YES THIS DESSERT IS GLUTEN FREE The Food Network Show "Road Tasted" with Paula Deens Boys! This dessert is the "ROLLS ROYCE" of ALASKA SILK! A seven (7), yes I said 7 layer dessert that is most deffinetly an "ADULT" dessert. Layer almond crust is bound together with an Artisan Caramel made here at the bakery with hints of lemon and spices. Layer 2...Dark chocolate orange and espresso silk Layer 3...White chocolate Cognac silk laced with cloves and cinnamon Layer 4...Ddark chocolate espresso silk Layer 5...White chocolate orange silk with cloves and cinnamon Layer 6...A combination of all the 6 silk layers except the personal favorite layer! Layer 7...White chocolate Grand Marnier Silk We are shipping the mocha beans that surround the top in a separate bag inside your shipping box. We have found that during shipping they tend to in-bed themselves into the Grand Marnier Layer. This way you will have a "BEAUTIFUL" dessert every time....and you may want to place the beans as "Jamie Deen, one of Paula's Son's" did.....on top with your initial, it would be your own personal signature! When sliced into 16 portions your serving size will be 3 OZ per person and at 12 portions the serving size is 4 OZ. per portion. Remember, this dessert is VERY RICH! The Rolls Royce of Silk....Our 7 layer "Cafe Diablo" was featured on the "Food Network Show Road Tasted" featuring the Dean brothers when they were in Seattle. The show aired Aug. 1st 2006 and for several years thereafter. We are bringing back our most elaborate dessert that our owner Phyllis Buzzini created some 25 years ago when when she was still living and making desserts in Alaska.

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