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Cafe Diablo - Special Order

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Cafe Diablo - Special Order

Please allow 3 to 5 business days to fill your order.

The Rolls Royce of Alaska Silk Pie Co....7 layers of pure HEAVEN...this is Truly an ADULT DESSERT!


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This dessert was on the Food Network Show "Road Tasted" with the Deen brothers! This dessert is the "ROLLS ROYCE" of ALASKA SILK! A six, yes we said 6-layer dessert that is most definitely an "ADULT" dessert.

Layer 1 - an almond crust is bound together with an artisan caramel made here at the bakery with hints of lemon and spices.
Layer 2 - Dark chocolate orange and espresso silk
Layer 3 - White chocolate cognac laced with cinnamon and cloves
Layer 4 - Dark chocolate espresso silk
Layer 5 - White chocolate orange silk with cloves and cinnamon
Layer 6 - A combination of all the 6 silk layers except the almond...our personal favorite layer!
Layer 7 - White chocolate Grand Marnier with mocha beans set on top

We are shipping the mocha beans that surround the top in a separate bag inside your shipping box. We have found that during shipping they tend to imbed themselves into the Grand Marnier Layer. This way you will have a beautiful dessert every time. When sliced into 16 portions your serving size will be 3 ounces per person and at 12 portions the serving size is 4 ounces per person. Remember, this dessert is VERY RICH! 


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