Hi there Phyllis,

“The first time I bought a Café Diablo I split it with some friends.  While most of us talked about the cinnamon or the espresso, one friend said, ‘What are you talking about?  I can’t taste any of that.’  The rest of us look at him like he was crazy, but a second friend looked at the first, looked at his slice, and said, ‘You’re eating it from the other side!’  The rest of us looked at our slices, tried to eat it from the bottom, and there it was: a completely different taste experience.  I had never had a cake that tasted completely different depending on which way you eat it, and neither did they.  To this day I always come by and pick up some desserts when I’m staying in Seattle, and I always look forward to the next visit!”
Thanks again,


What Shirley McDowell had to say;

Alaska Silk Pie Company has been a favorite of mine for many years now.  When I first discovered their FABULOUS desserts I had ordered them from Neiman Marcus. That was 28 years ago but I soon stumbled accross their website and so many other incredible desserts they had to offer.  I contacted thier office which was still in Alaska at the time and asked to speak to someone in charge...I got Phyllis the owner.  She made sure that I was able to purchase some of the other desserts but she would NOT sell me the Black Forest that Neiman Marcus offered. She stated that was a "Signature Dessert" for NM only but she would sell me others from the website.  Well, I have been a convert ever since. I actually won a dessert contest one year and received a delicious Hawaiian Sunset because I guessed what the crust was on it...Grape Nuts...go figure, it was delicious!  I now order desserts 6 at a time and keep them in my freezer so I NEVER run out.  They make GREAT gifts and of course I cut one up into 12 slices. I take one slice out each day and have just that little something sweet after dinner...but sometimes I have it for breakfast too. They are good just about anytime of the day or night!  Thanks SILK PIE

Shirley McDowell
Palm Springs, CA 


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Dear Ms. Buzzini,

I would be very much delighted that my e-mail be posted on your testimonial page. I want to let other potential customers know how delictable your pies are! Once again you and your staff are greatly appreciated!

Sheila Marie Nepomuceno


Dear Ms. Buzzini and the Women of Alaska Silk Pie Co. 

 I would like to thank you ladies for the delicious Tiramisu. Unfortunately I wasn't able to taste it myself. I ordered it for my brother as a Father's Day gift. I reside in CA and he in Las Vegas. He was out running errands so when he got home the box was sitting on the floor at the front door. He said it had melted so he put it in the freezer ASAP. About 4 hours later he called me back to rub it in my face that it is so DELICIOUS! I was so happy to hear that he liked it. His wife also liked it. She asked me where I got if from and I informed her that Alaska Silk Pie was featured on Raod Tasted (she loves watching the food network like me.) She like me loves Paula Deen and her boys. Once again I would like to thank you ladies very much. Your are much appreciated!