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First let's place equal parts Seattle Silk ChocoBlanca into the mixer. The White Silk should be about room temperature. You can place it in the  microwave to soften but DO NOT over heat or you will destroy the silk and it will not whip to stiff peaks.

Adding Cream to the Silk 4.jpg

Now you're adding the cream to the silk slowly until you get your desired thickness.

If you want to add vanilla, liquor or liquere's this is the time to do so.

You may want just soft peaks, medium or stiff it is simply your choice.

If you whip to stiff peaks you will be able to pipe the mousse with a pastry bag and tip of your choice. It will hold it's shape beautifully.

Here we have whipped to medium stiff peaks. This mousse will hold its shape.

Its Vanilla Mousse

Ratios to add flavors Liquors or Liqueres     1 OZ per pound Citrus Purees                 2 1/4 OZ per pound Berry Purees                  2 OZ per pound Pure Vanilla                   1 tsp. per pound Cream Cheese                1/2 cream cheese   1/2 ChocoBlanca

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Date: 4/4/2017 6:45 AM PDT

5 LBS              ChocoBlanca  (white chocolate Seattle Silk)

2.5 LBS           Heavy Cream 40%

2 TBSP            4 Fold Vanilla.......Peterson Item # 03000  by the gallon   Cetalli

1 TBSP            Vanilla Bean.....Peterson Item # 21737    33.8 OZ  Prova

Sprinkle the  Caramel Sugar-Brulee CP 802 on top Peterson Item # 00684  Special Order

Production step 1.jpg    Production step 2    Production Step 5-ab   White chocolate creme brulee cheesecake

ChocoScura Brulee  (dark chocolate)

2 Parts ChocoScura 1 Part Heavy Cream 1 tsp 4 Fold Vanilla per Pound

Variations: Add Fresh Raspberry, Strawberry, or Blackberry

Add Coffee     We mix 10 OZ Boiling Water to a 12 OZ container of Folgers Instant Coffee Crystals.  It makes quite a thick syrup and we use it ½ OZ per pound.  Of course you can make the flavor profile that suites you but that’s a good starting point.

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Date: 10/23/2016 3:49 PM PDT

It's almost the end of October and I haven't been here for quite sometime and for that I apologize but GET READY for the best is yet to come.  I'm going to post at least every other week now with some really great recipes you can make and share for the holidays.

Now I know Halloween isn't really a holiday but it is the kick off for the holiday season so my talented staff and I have created an adult holiday dessert you can server at your home, restaurant or next catering event.....It's the "Drunken Blood Orange" using our ChocoBlanc and ChocoScura Seattle Silk!!!....the recipe is below.


Of course you can use any glass you would like for example this would be great in a martini glass, champagne or even a rock's however "YOU" the pastry designer would like it to look.  We just happened to have this glass hanging out at the bakery!

2 to 4 OZ. **ChocoBlanca              1/2 to 1 TBLSP Blood Orange Puree depends on how much ChocoBlanca you are using (1.5 OZ. per pound) 2 to 4 OZ. **ChocoScura                 1/2 to 1 TBLSP Grand Marnier (1 OZ. per pound)

*Place dark silk in the microwave just to soften, make sure you do not over heat the silk. *Mix your Grand Marnier in and place in tilted glass. *Place tilted glass in freezer while mixing your blood orange white silk. *Place white silk in microwave and heat just to 96 degrees...DO NOT OVER HEAT *Mix in your **blood orange puree to the white silk, sprinkle orange zest on top *Place in freezer upright for about 10 minutes, just enough to set *Remove from freezer and place candied orange and chocolate decorations in **ChocoBlanca and ChocScura are our White Chocolate Silk and Dark Chocolate Silk offered Exclusively from Seattle Silk. Your dessert is now ready to serve.  This dessert can be served frozen or chilled, of course it is your choice.  It can also be decorated any way you like.  This was just a starting point for all of you out there that are so very talented.


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Date: 5/14/2016 12:54 PM PDT

I'm sure many of you have had the Banana's Foster prepared table side at finer restaurants and it's OH SO YUMMMMY....well....ours is prepared in the same way only using 40 LBS of organic banana's, sweet unsalted butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, a hint of fresh lemon juice to balance the sweetness, and of wouldn't be Banana's Foster without just the right amount of Meyers Dark Rum.

In most fine restaurants Banana's Foster is served on a French Vanilla ice cream so we have recreated that flavor profile using our white chocolate (ChocoBlanca) silk base and a wonderful 4 fold pure vanilla and vanilla beans.  We have placed our vanilla silk mousse on a gluten free shortbread crust and finished it with our Fostered Banana's.

Here are the banana's that we use and a visual of how we do it;

Here you have all the steps to make a delicious Banana's Foster using our Seattle Silk ChocoBlanca, Organic Banana's, Heavy Cream, Butter, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Lemon Juice, and of course Meyers Dark Rum.  Just add the crust of your choice or not.  This dessert is great just served in a beautiful piece of stem ware that you would have right there in your bar.  This dessert can be made ahead and frozen to be served at a later date. are only restricted by your own imagination!

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Date: 3/1/2016 6:38 PM PST

Come see us at the Northwest Food Show on March 20th and 21st and learn first hand how to use our INCREDIBLE Seattle Silk Fillings…Booth 323

Source: Gluten Free Paradiso Silk

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Date: 1/3/2016 12:31 PM PST

Now that the New Year has begun we have been working on some exciting new desserts that you can make at home, for food service or an in store bakery. One of the new items that we have been working on and have now perfected is a recipe for our new and exciting Clafoutis. It's a French dessert that we have re-worked using our ChocoBlanKa (white chocolate silk).

I'll bet some of you are even asking what is a Clafoutis so here's the definition of a French Clafoutis as I know it to be; it's more like a rich creamy almond cake that is a cross between a custard and cake with wonderful fresh cherries. Did I mention that the French like to leave the cherry pits in the cherries when they bake it. I'm not sure any of us would like to bite into a cherry pit, so we have pitted our cherries for this recipe.  Cherry Fresh Cherries

The French Clafoutis is meant to be a rustic casual dessert that can be personalized however you like. Be careful when selecting fruits you choose to use with this base recipe.  The fruit could be too dry or exude too much juice during the bake time. We love the fancy Bing Cherries with a bit of added Grand Marnier'.  Just remove the Vanilla and Almond Extract and add your Grand Marnier', Kirsh or any  liquerer of your choice.  We have also made this with our ChocoScura (dark silk) and Grand Marnier'. Chocolate GM and Reg. GM

Cherry Clafoutis: (makes 1 6" dessert) Soften enough butter to smear your baking ramekin 12 to 14 OZ pitted Fancy Bing Cherries 10 OZ. ChocoBlanca (white silk) 1 TBLSP. Flour (we use Bob's Red Mill gluten free flour) 2 OZ. whole milk 1 Tsp. Pure Bourbon Vanilla 1/8 Tsp. Almond Extract Smear Baking Ramekin Microwave or soften your ChocoBlanca and place in mixing bowl Add Milk, Flour, Vanilla and Almond, mix just to incorporate Pour into buttered Ramekin Add Cherries throughout the top or you can place the cherries first then         pour your batter over the's up to you Place in water bath and bake Bake at 300 degrees in a water bath Bake 30 minutes or more depending on your oven just till the custard is set Your Clafoutis is done when a knife inserted into the center comes out relatively clean

Bon Appetit from the Seattle Silk Team!

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Date: 12/30/2015 3:44 PM PST

Well it's a new year that's just around the corner and if you're like me it really caught me by surprise!  I am totally not ready to entertain so here's a quick idea for you and one that I'm going to serve to my guests tomorrow night.

A Golden Dancing Martini: A bottom layer of Hazelnut Biscotti pieces with Frangelico chocolate sauce Gianduja ChocoScura (dk silk) with ground hazelnuts A perimeter of crushed biscotti and coarse chopped hazelnuts A center of Frangelico Silk mousse Garnishes dusted with gold dust

We have the ChocScura and ChocoBlanca (white & dark silk) available here at the bakery in 2 LB containers or you can make your own chocolate and white chocolate from your favorite recipes.  We are open tomorrow until noon and you can call ahead if you like: 206.381.8494 P  206.650.1648 C


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