Featured here are our Holiday offerings which will change with each of the up coming holidays for 2016.  Here you will find our Valentines Day Offerings that are only available at the bakery with the exception of the first dessert
which can be ordered in a 6" for Mail Order Shipping! 


This is our signature white chocolate creme brulee cheesecake topped with glazed raspberries.  This dessert can be shipping in our 6" mailer or picked up at the bakery. The individual dessert pictured here can only be picked up at the bakery...

These are our chocolate silk or raspberry silk and ganache hearts.  These can only be picked up at the bakery and can NOT ship.  Place your orders early as they will only be available from Feb. 1st thru the 12th.  When they are gone we will not be making them again until Mothers Day!

Chocolate Nut hearts can be featured either way, nuts up or chocolate ganache up

Pictured here are our chocolate nut, caramel hearts.  As you can see, these can be presented either way; nuts up or chocolate up. This hear is only available for pick up at the bakery from Feb. 1st thru the 12th of Feb. Once gone there will be no more until Mother's Day!